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The Museum Shop offers almost everything you could want on the subject of “Bach”: CDs, sheet music, books, traditional souvenirs such as t-shirts, busts, jewellery, postcards and snow globes, plus more unusual items such as Bach Liqueur or soap with musical notes on it. By shopping here, you also support our charitable activity. Some of our most popular, exclusive products are shown here – please contact us by e-mail or order directly in the Online Shop.

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Bach Bust

Based on the 3D scan of the bust by Carl Ludwig Seffner dating from 1895. Seffner created his bust on the basis of the skull of Johann Sebastian Bach exhumed in 1894. It is the logo of the Neue Bachgesellschaft, the sponsor of the Bachhaus.

Ceramic cast, height 16cm
Price: €24.90

Other sizes:
Ceramic cast, height 6.5cm, price: €9.90

CD “Willst du dein Herz mir schenken ...”
From the Clavierbüchlein für Anna Magdalena Bach

Duration: 1 hr 4 mins.
Recording on instruments from the Bachhaus: bentside spinet (c. 1765), violin (1719), viola da gamba (c. 1740), harpsichord (c. 1715), clavichord (c. 1780) and positive organ (c. 1722).
Performers: Sebastian Knebel, Anne Schumann Monika Schwammberger, Constanze Backes
Incl. booklets: “Impressions from the Bachhaus” (12 pp.) and “Brief Introduction” (24 ps.)

Price: €16.90

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Bach’s Life in 82 Copperplate Engravings

“The richly illustrated book in German and English is like a picture album about the life of Bach.”

176 pages, 283 coloured illustrations.
With a foreword by Martin Petzoldt.
ISBN 978-3-932257-07-0
Price €5.80


Bach Coffee Mug

Porcelain, made by the Weimarer Porzellanmanufaktur, Weimar

Design based on the autograph manuscript of the aria “Heute noch” from Bach’s Coffee Cantata (BWV 211) and a pen and ink drawing by Otto Richard Bossert, Leipzig, 1901.

Price: €9.90 each

Coffee “Kantate”

Country of origin: Ethiopia
100% arabica, organic coffee in accordance with the EU Organic Farming Regulation, FairTrade
Weight: 250 g
Whole beans or ground

Organically produced and fair-trade highland arabica roasted coffee from the Sidamo province in Ethiopia. The coffee that was drunk in Europe in Bach's time probably came from this region.

Price: €7.90 per 250g pack


Notes Soap

Hand-made soap with inlet quaver/eighth note, produced by a local charity
Fragrance: lilac
8.5 x 5 cm

Price: €4.50 each



“Bach Bussi”

Marzipan nougat chocolates
Weight: 25 g
Manufacturer: Odenwälder Marzipanfabrik

Price: €1.50 each